What are the functions and functions of pickled garlic

- May 04, 2018 -

In the usual diet, often eat garlic, many dishes will join in the composition of garlic, health experts also advocate everyone to eat some garlic at ordinary times, people often eat garlic, for example, the probability of cancer will be greatly reduced, garlic has been recognized as anti-cancer effects, in addition, garlic can also the rich nutrition such as vitamin c, believes that many people like to eat with garlic, then eat what role?

First, the nutritional value of pickled garlic.

1. Fresh garlic is there will be a dormant, but a few months later will bud, and then the garlic will become very dry, and so is not fit to eat, usually like to put garlic, now know about the nutritional value of pickled garlic together.

2. Pickled garlic have large amounts of protein, also contain rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, also contain rich vitamin C, pickled garlic also contains a thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, allicin, citral, also contains rich trace elements like selenium and germanium.

3. Pickled garlic also contains some of the volatile oil and garlic spicy element, has a strong bactericidal effect, garlic also contains a large number of alliin by garlic enzyme, these are good hydrolysis, garlic also contains a lot of allyl, propylene and methyl sulfide compounds, etc.

4. Pickled garlic also contains a kind of call "garlic amine", there are a lot of good for the brain of the B vitamins, if let children eat some onion garlic, so can make brain growth and development will be better. Garlic has the very strong antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, is is a good way to protect the liver, can also regulate blood sugar, also can protect the cardiovascular, is good for hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

garlic dill pickle brine

Second, marinade with garlic.

1, the fresh garlic can also add soy sauce, pickled into colour and lustre is ruddy maotai-flavor garlic, except to prepare fresh garlic when curing, to prepare a suitable amount of ginger, rice vinegar and soy sauce and fresh.

2. Remove the fresh garlic from the outer layer and cut off the roots. Cut the stalks off the remaining one centimetre, then put the garlic into the pot and soak in the water.

3. The garlic needs to be soaked in water for about 24 hours. In the middle, it needs to be changed for 2 to 3 times. After the garlic is soaked, it will be taken out to bring down its stem and control the water in it.

4, put soy sauce and vinegar together into the pot boil and let it cool, and all the little red peppers with ginger and garlic put together in the glass bottle, add after cooling material juice to go in, the bottle seal, preserved in the shade, 10 days after the garlic can then becomes angry, take out the food taste just 20 days.

Third, pickled sugar garlic.

1, can use sugar and rice vinegar pickled garlic into crisp taste of sugar at the time of pickled garlic will need 3000 g fresh garlic, white sugar 1500 g, 1500 g rice vinegar, edible salt, 500 grams, with cover of a glass one.

2, remove the prepared fresh garlic, outer old skin, cut off the root diameter and all of its again, ready to suitable amount of drinking water, the salt into a weak brine, let it cool in garlic, let garlic soak a day and a night, in the middle to change water once or twice.

3, remove the bubble after of garlic, remove moisture, and then put the rice vinegar and sugar into 3:1 according to the proportion of sweet and sour water, use chopsticks stir a few times more, make the sugar to melt completely, and then pour it into the jar, and put the handle good garlic also in, seal for 20 days or so of sugar can be pickled garlic.

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