Processing method of canned fruit

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Canned fruit can be fresh fruit through the selection of raw materials, peeled, canned, exhaust, sealing, heating sterilization, cooling and other processes to achieve commercial aseptic to extend the shelf life of a fresh food.

Fresh pulp is loaded into tin-plated metal cans, glass cans, or high-temperature cooking bags and other containers, the use of sealed high-temperature sterilization, so that the food can be isolated from the outside world and no longer contaminated by microorganisms, but also make the most of the microorganisms in the tank to die, eliminating the main cause of food spoilage, so the fruit can not add preservatives can also make a longer shelf life

Canned fruit in the production and processing without destroying the structure of the fruit, and better preserve the appearance of fruit and nutrients, has been the favorite for many years.

According to the different processing methods, canned fruit can be divided into sugar syrup canned fruit, syrup-type canned fruit, jam-type canned fruit, fruit juice cans, mainly on behalf of products have sugar syrup oranges, canned yellow peach.

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