Misunderstanding of canned fruit

- Jul 06, 2017 -

1th, that can be preserved for a long time due to the addition of preservatives, but can be mainly through the high temperature and other technical means to achieve aseptic and vacuum environment, so that bacteria do not have a living environment, all can be preserved for a long time. It's not because of preservatives.

2nd, think can not be fresh, not as seasonal fruit. In fact, canned fruit can be widely for the production of fruit canned fruit requirements are very high, must be good appearance and ripe fruit. Many of the South's fruits are only five or six ripe for easy transportation. Not particularly good. And the price is expensive.

3rd: Food safety issues. In fact, canned fruit in the process of production, manufacturers are using very good fruit, and then in the sterile environment can be preserved. After more than 10 processes to meet national or international standards of products, so edible fruit canned food is very reliable.

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