Methods of identification of canned fruits

- Jul 06, 2017 -

1. First of all, be careful to observe the lid of the cans, the good can cover the surrounding is clean, if you find, can cover rust stains around, do not buy, can cover the rust marks around the cans may have deteriorated.

2. Second, observe the color of the juice of the can, good fruit can juice clear bright, if the juice turbidity, it is not recommended to buy.

3. Again, see if the shape of the can is raised, no metamorphic can the top is sunken. If there is a bump on the top, it is proved that the gas can be produced in the tin and can be spoiled.

4. Finally, listen to the sound, you may wish to gently tap the outer wall of the can, if the sound of a crisp, prove it is good can, poor canned sound dull turbidity, not to buy.

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