Canned food is safe

- Oct 09, 2017 -

Canned food is safe: 

by definition, the principle of preservation of canned food is a type of food that is sealed, sterilized, commercially sterile, and does not require and is not allowed to add any preservative. Of course, some canned varieties will have special requirements in the process and the process, in which add some additives, its purpose is to improve the taste and flavor of canned food, these additives are in full compliance with national standards. Today, China's canned food is mainly exported to Japan, Europe, North America, the developed countries is a major importer of canned food, so they to safety standards more stringent requirements more stringent requirements, such as Japan pesticide inspection standards of canned vegetable is far lower than our national standards, the EU is the introduction of a number of laws and regulations to improve the quality of request. Therefore, in the production process and management level, canned enterprises are very strict control. So you can rest assured that eating, without fear of bacteria and other hazards.

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