What Does Canned Lychee Taste Like

- May 19, 2018 -

canned lychee nutritional value

Lychee can is a kind of can, the main ingredient is litchi. Lychee is a subtropical fruit tree, the flesh of the flesh is translucent and lipid, the flavor is delicious. Can have the effect of filling lung, ning heart, and spleen.

Sorching summer, to a few cool refreshing sweet lychee, RFFV, slippery and pleasantly sweet, can not refuse, but China known as "a lychee three fire", litchi high sugar content, easy to cause inflammation, so the consumption of fresh litchi can't greed oh. Litchi are easily lose raw, cooked nature is more gentle than the original, so the litchi canned make dessert, not only taste sweet, let a person can't, can also be a way to save more, today teach you do canned litchi sugar water, let's begin DIY.

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1. Select fresh lychee, remove and rinse after peeling.

2. Clean the litchi core. The specific method is to use chopsticks and poke from the head to the small head.

3. The practice of canned lychee syrup.

4. The practice of canned lychee syrup.

5. Prepare a large container, add water, and then put a little salt in it, and put the processed lychee in it to soak.

6. The practice of canned lychee syrup.

Add water to the pot and boil, put in a proper amount of rock sugar, and then put the lychee down. (how much water you want to drink, the amount of rock candy you want)

8. The practice of canned lychee syrup.

9. After boiling, turn the fire to a small fire to simmer slowly. When all the lychees float, they can turn off the fire.

10. The practice of canned lychee syrup.

After cooling, seal in a clean container and refrigerate within a week.

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