The Benefits Of Mackerel

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Mackerel is a very common edible fish, found in the Western Pacific Ocean and the coast of the Atlantic, and gregarious. In Chinese context, we should pay attention to the black carp which is one of the four major fishes in china". The average length of the mackerel is 30 to 50 centimeters, and the longest lifespan is 11 years. It lives on eggs that feed plankton and sturgeon, COD and herring. Also known as "mackerel mackerel". The name, chub mackerel mackerel bar fish, blue catfish, oil torso fish, mackerel, green fish. The Atlantic Boston mackerel, mackerel, mackerel, mackerel, tin-ker Pacific, Japan chub, American chub mackerel mackerel mackerel, mackerel, horse mackerel blue.

Distributed in the Western Pacific ocean. Offshore production. The main sea island, sand and sand with bluestone, and other fishing, fishing period generally spring 4~7 months; autumn is 9~12 month. The coast of the South China Sea can be fished all year round.

It is one of the most important pelagic fishes in china. This fish is widely distributed, fast growing and high yield. The meat containing 21.4 grams of protein, 7.4 grams of fat, meat solid, in addition to fresh food can also be pickled and canned, the liver can be extracted Cod Liver Oil.

Mackerel is a high protein, low fat, food that is easily absorbed by human body;Mackerel also contains twenty carbon five acid (EPA) and twenty-two carbon six acid (DHA).

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