The Difference Of Straw Mushroom And Mushroom

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Straw mushroom:

The mycelium

Hyphae are colorless and transparent, with different length of cells, 46~400 m, average 217 m, width 6~18 m, average 10 m, separated by diaphragm into multicellular hyphae, branched and expanded, interwoven, forming loose reticular mycelium. Mushroom cell Wall thickness, containing a plurality of nuclear, no spore storage umbilical, many nutrients are dormant, resistant to drought and low temperature environment, when the optimum conditions in local processes with thin cell walls, the formation of germ tube, the resulting mycelium can grow into normal fruiting bodies.

The fruiting bodystraw  mushroom

Composed of pileus, stipe, gills, adventitia, volva etc.. The outer membrane: also known as the foot, bag, black or grey white light at the top, down, basally white, immature fruiting body was wrapped in the meantime, with the increase of fruiting body, the outer membrane and left in the stipe base volva. The: mesophilous, top and cap is connected, the base and the volva is cylindrical, diameter of 0.8 ~ 1.5 cm, length 3 ~ 8 cm, full elongation was more than 8 cm. Cap: born on the stipe, open before the bell, after the start of the umbrella, is last dish, the diameter of 5 ~ 12 cm, high up to 21 cm; in the central gray, the color is deep, around gradually shallow, with radial dark cilia, sometimes with convex triangular scales. Gill: located in the ventral cap arranged by 280 ~ 450, of varying lengths and radiating sheet gills and stipe, free, each piece of gill is composed of 3 layers of structure and the inner layer is for soft trama, slanting cells, there is a considerable gap cell; the middle layer is subhymenium, hyphal cell dense surface expansion; the outer layer is hymenophore, forming narrow side wire by hyphal tip cells, or swelling and a rod-shaped spores and cystidium. The fruiting body is not fully mature, gill white, mature in the process of gradually becomes pink, finally dark brown. Spores: ovate, 7~9 m long, 5~6 m wide, the outer layer of the outer wall, the inner wall is the wall, with the stem connected to the spore navel, is the spore germination of water absorption hole point. Early color transparent, pale yellow, and finally red brown. With a diameter of 5 ~ 11 cm, so 500 million to 4 billion 800 million spores can be scattered.

Agaricus bisporus:

Agaricus bisporus fruitbody medium, semi spherical cap width of 5-12cm, early, after the flat, white, smooth, slightly dry yellow edge gradient, early involution. The flesh of the fungus is white and thick, slightly pale red after injury, and has a peculiar odor of mushrooms. Gill early pink, after brown to black brown, dense, narrow, free, unequal, stipe length 4.5-9cm, thick 1.5-3.5cm, white, smooth, with light, nearly cylindrical, internal soft or solid, collarium monolayer, white, membranous, born in the middle, easy to fall off. Forest land, grassland, field, park, roadside and so on. Widely distributed, widely cultivated in china.

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