How To Make Canned Corn Sweet

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Canned sweet corn can be made from fresh sweet corn ear as raw material, which can be processed by peeling, pre boiling, threshing, cleaning, canning, high-temperature sterilization and other processes. Packaging of canned sweet corn into canned and bagged. Sweet corn varieties are divided into general sweet form and super sweet form, super sweet sweet corn ear sugar content is very high, and some can reach 20%, can be eaten raw, so everyone is also called fruit corn.canned corn.jpg

Sweet corn is suitable for making canned corn. Sweet corn varieties have a recessive gene, which prevents part of sugar from transforming into starch during the process of growth and maturity, so the sweet corn is sweet after ripening. When sweet corn is canned, the corn is transported to the factory first, then the top of the corn cob is cut off by machinery, and the corn leaves and the corn leaves are removed. It is very difficult to remove all the corn silk in this step, and some of the corn and grain will be transferred to the next step. If the maize varieties with no stigma are selected, it is difficult to see the corn stigma in the final product.

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