Corn Bacon Tuna Pizza

- Dec 04, 2017 -

How to make the Corn Bacon tuna pizza

1.The pancake materials were put in the bakery and dough.

2.Cut tomatoes

3.Cut the onions in small pieces

4.Fried pans with oil, fried garlic slicesT1_nXrXh0GXXaSUtQ6_061312.jpg

5.Put in the fry in turn

6.When the tomato juice comes out, add the pizza and black pepper

7.Braise the pot for a little while, add some salt, it is pizza sauce, and can not be used in a sealed tank.

8.Make a dough and roll it into a cake

9.The pizza plate is covered with a layer of oil, surrounded by a curly sausage.

10.The pizza base with a fork garish, covered pizza sauce

11.Sprinkle Ma Su lira cheese

12.Put on the cut Bacon

13.Put some more corn green beans and carrots

14.Put another layer of tuna canned canned fish

15.And finally a layer of cheese

16.180 degrees in the oven, 20 minutes

17he stuffing is rich and the drawing effect is super

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