where corn originated

- May 28, 2018 -

where corn growsCorn is now one of the world's most productive food crops. According to 2013 statistics, the United States and China are the top two corn producers and sellers in the world. But how corn spreads from its source to the rest of the world has long been a question for experts.

It is well known that wild ancestor of maize is Mexico sorghum, this is a central Mexico herbs grow warm and humid environment, it is about 10000 years ago to 10000 years ago between first domesticated by humans, then after a long adjustment period, about 4000 to 3000 years ago, became today's corn. About the crop is how to develop their own travel, scientists are two main point - it may spread to Mexico's Pacific coast first, or may first came to the more cold and dry in central Mexico highlands, and eventually be planted in the southwest region.

Crops in the early stages of domestication are likely to not flourish in the highlands of Mexico or the dry southwestern United States. Centuries later, the local growers has experienced a long time to improve modified it with other varieties, until created the drought resistance of maize, which make the crop drought environment thrive in the southwestern United States. It took humans about 1,000 years to improve the taste and nutrition of corn.

After Columbus discovered the new world, he brought the corn to Spain. Corn was introduced to China around the middle of the 16th century.

Actually any spread of crop is not a single species, probably have undergone a fusion and identity with local environment, and even accompanied by the spread of culture and technology, which appear in the above the appearance of these determinants is our common fashion culture. When young people all over the world like eating popcorn at the movies in the cinema, who would have thought that archaeologists in Mexico in the middle of a bat cave, popcorn discovered about 5600 years ago, when the mexicans have known to corn into the hot stone for blowout spark.

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