how sweet corn is harvested

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Generally in August to October, there is no agreement across the country. Summer sowing in hebei province generally matures from mid to late September to mid-october, while spring sowing generally matures from early September to mid-september. The growing period of corn is short and the growing period is warm and rainy. Corn consumes a lot of water. If there is little rainfall and insufficient water for irrigation, the crops will be reduced or even eliminated. If the early autumn frost comes too early, the corn will freeze at maturity and yield less.

Spring and summer sowing corn points, mainly in the north spring sowing, the main means of liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang and north of hebei, basic to summer sowing and other places also have spring sowing, the northern corn mature period in September 15 - September 23, after the south in the middle of October.

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Corn harvest time:

The maturity of corn needs to go through three stages, namely, ripening stage, waxing stage and completion stage. Because maize is different from other crops, the seed is on the ear of fruit, which is not easy to fall off after maturity. Therefore, the ripening stage is the best harvest period of maize. In case of stem silage, it can be harvested at the end of wax ripening or at the beginning of complete ripening. Early harvest and late harvest will reduce the yield and quality of corn.

It is an important measure to ensure high quality and high yield of maize to grasp the harvest period of maize correctly. If the ratooning buds early harvest, when the plant of a large number of positive grain transport nutrients accumulation, grain is containing 45% ~ 70% water, the harvest of corn drying will takes work, thousand seed weight is reduced greatly after dried, according to the test, the ratooning buds harvest can generally be cut into 2 ~ 3, and significantly lower quality. If they do not harvest after full ripeness period, then to reduce the support of corn stalks, plant easy to fold, ear contact with the ground after lodging cause mildew, but also vulnerable to birds and animals, make the loss caused by production and quality. Therefore, it is very important to correctly grasp the harvest time of corn.

At present, a lot of places to early teng stubble sowing wheat, some harvest in the ripening stage, the ripening stage to the completion of the general period of 10 to 15 days, the harvest must be a serious reduction in production and reduction of harvest. Whether to enter fully mature corn, look from the appearance characteristic: plant of middle and lower leaves turn yellow, basal leaves withered, loose packages ear lobe yellow-white, grain to harden, and presents the varieties of natural colour and lustre.

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