How delicious canned longan in syrup

- May 15, 2018 -

How delicious canned longan in syrup

Longan meat is tender, bright and bright, rich in nutrition. Modern pharmacology study shows that the longan is contained in glucose, cane sugar, protein, fat, vitamin B, C, phosphorus, calcium, iron, the composition such as tartaric acid, adenine, choline, some nutrients are necessary to human body, some can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells, reduce blood fat, increase coronary blood flow, and thus can be prevention and treatment of common cancer in the elderly, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, etc., and has anti-aging effect.

How delicious canned longan in syrup

1. The selection of raw materials is good with thick meat, dense tissue and medium sugar content. The maturity requirement is 90% mature, no mildew, no disease and insect damage, and remove the broken fruit and unqualified fruit.

2. Wash the fruit and cut the fruit, remove the stem, and pour the fruit into the wash. Wash the dirt and dirt with clean water.

3. Remove the skin and remove the skin and use the core to remove the skin. The hole should be kept intact after going to the core, avoid cracks and gaps, and peel off the skin with the hand. To nuclear and peeling and longan meat, according to the size and the degree of hardness and softness, respectively in containing 1% salt water of the enamel basin, not exposed to the air, to prevent discoloration, and then rinse clean with clear water tank.

4. The size of the pulp in the same pot should be basically uniform. The requirements of the filling amount of the can, 8113 can, net weight 567g, filling 280-290g, 781 can, net weight 321g, loading 150-160g.

5. Note canned liquid product of sugar is 14% - 18%, according to the canned longan fruit sugar content, adjust the liquid sugar brix, longan and the sugar sugar water balance, the brix after opening is 14% - 18%. For example, the amount of sugar in the canned longan pulp was measured at 14%, and the concentration of the prepared sugar solution was 18%. In addition, 0.2% citric acid was added to the sugar water, and the pH of the canned contents was adjusted to be 4.2, adding 0.02% -- 0.08% calcium chloride, to increase the brittleness of the longan pulp. Sugar water, sugar water temperature to be heated to 85 ℃, and then inject canned container, leave a tip clearance.

6. Exhaust and seal can be added with sugar solution. There are two kinds of exhaust methods: vacuum exhaust and thermal exhaust. Vacuum exhaust is carried out in a vacuum sealing machine, which requires a vacuum degree of 40kPa -- 53kPa, which is sealed immediately after exhaust. Thermal exhaust in exhaust box, steam heating, exhaust 7 min, for tank temperature of 70-75 ℃, exhaust sealed immediately after send seamer.

7. Will send as soon as possible after sterilization, cooling can sealing sterilization, sterilization by atmospheric pressure sterilization, namely in 100 ℃ sterilize in boiling water. Net weight 321 g, 781 cans, such as thermal exhaust requirements of sterilization using 8 min (3-5 min / 100 ℃), the requirement of the vacuum exhaust sterilization 10 min. Net weight 567 g, 8113 cans, with heat exhaust of sterilization for 10 min (3-7 min / 100 ℃), vacuum exhaust the sealing requirements of sterilization 12 min. Soak in cold water cooled to 37 ℃, immediately after sterilization is the finished product.

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