Coronary heart disease patients should often eat the 4 vegetables

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Coronary heart disease patients should always eat the 4 vegetables,  is good to restore the body 


    First, seaweed: , seaweed and other marine plants are mostly rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements, etc., to reduce cholesterol, triglycerides have a good effect.


    Second, mushrooms, Canned Mushrooms,fungus. Which contains a lot of vitamins, beneficial to the body of trace elements, for high cholesterol caused by atherosclerosis, hypertension and acute, chronic nephritis, diabetes, is undoubtedly the food therapy to share.



    Three is celery, coriander. Medical studies have shown that these two dishes have lower blood pressure, sedative and soothing effect, especially for coronary heart disease with hypertension is more appropriate.


    Four is onions, ginger, garlic such condiments. They have a significant improvement in lipid metabolism, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the intestinal tract, can effectively prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease.


    Of course, some common fruits for coronary heart disease patients, is also a good choice. Apple fiber can reduce the density of lipoprotein content, for coronary heart disease, hypertension and atherosclerosis have a better role in prevention and treatment. Hawthorn has a more obvious antihypertensive effect on myocardial ischemia also have a protective effect, there is a strong antihypertensive effect.


    In addition, grapes, fresh dates, citrus, orange and other fruits known as the elimination of "body fat" fruit, can help reduce the body of excess fat, lower blood lipids, coronary heart disease prevention and treatment have a positive effect. However, experts advise that if the coronary heart disease patients with diabetes should be appropriate to limit the intake of fruit。

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