Canned fruit can not open

- Jul 06, 2017 -

1. Wash your hands with water to dry, so you can remove the palms of sweat or oil, the palm will not slip, the rotation resistance will increase.

2. The left hand grip can lid upside down, so that the bottom of the bottle, in the top of the palm with the right hand to clap three, so that the air in the bottle shocks, the closure naturally loose, it will be easy to open the lid

3. Again let cans bottle up, the right hand fixed bottle body, the left hand slightly force will cover a twist, if still open, please repeat the 2nd step!

With a small screwdriver, in the mouth of the bottle, that is, the lid inside the wall of the bulge to pry, hear "hiss" a sound, the bottle inside the air intake, the lifting of the vacuum state, so it is not difficult to open.

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