New Canned definition

- Jul 06, 2017 -

In recent years, the canning processing industry has developed and progressed rapidly, the extension and intension of canned food are also expanding and improving, according to the definition of Chinese famous food expert, the original ministry Zhang Xuyuan, canned food is the principle of preservation according to * sealing sterilization, to achieve commercial aseptic requirements, do not need to also not be allowed to join any kind of preservative food, so it should be further clarified that where the food by sealing sterilization or sterilization seal (ie aseptic packaging) to achieve commercial aseptic, can be at room temperature long-term preservation, should be regarded as canned food, Must not be confined to the traditional man-made canned food range.

With the expansion of packaging materials and forms, in addition to the use of iron cans, glass cans, aluminum cans, other such as aluminum-plastic composite packaging materials made of a variety of soft cans and aseptic large packaging; The package made by the sterilized packaging, such as all kinds of juice, vegetable juice, jelly, sauce, protein drink, etc., can be heat-resistant plastic cans, plastic casings made of various sausages should be treated as canned food.

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