Zhangzhou Mushroom Canned Exports And Prices Are Rising

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Zhangzhou since the last century, 60 years began the development of mushroom cultivation and gradually grow, especially since the reform and opening up, it is achieved rapid development, the majority of Zhangzhou farmers and technical personnel, in the long-term practice, constantly sum up experience, continuous innovation, the first two fermentation in October 1980, successfully created a high level of 15 kg the yield per square meter (the first high, and retained so far), has become the famous mushroom, with the advantage of geography and climate and ocean transportation, formed a set of cultivation, production, processing, sales and other well-developed industrial chain, especially the processing capacity of the production and processing enterprises is to improve every year.

The city's cultivated area of more than 130 thousand square meters (at the beginning of 1990 than the area reduced by half), the output of 150 thousand tons, with the production of more than 100 processing enterprises, technology and equipment for the canned food processing industry in Zhangzhou is not only in the leading position in the same industry in the country and a galaxy of talents, but also has a group of strict management of raw material supply enterprises. And a number of internationally advanced level of tinplate cans manufacturers (17 companies have 226 production lines, products sold in the country and some countries in the world.

At present, the yield of mushroom processing years more than 500 thousand tons, the annual export volume of more than 250 thousand tons, accounting for exports of similar products in the country of 78%, since the beginning of 1982, Zhangzhou production of canned mushrooms not only best-selling domestic and exported around the world, become worthy of the name "China mushrooms are". In September 2010, Chinese canned Industry Association awarded Zhangzhou "China cans are" honorary title, Zhangzhou mushroom products all over the world.white mushroom.png

According to statistics, Zhangzhou in the first quarter of 2017 exported a total of 49 thousand and 800 tons of mushrooms, 59 million 610 thousand dollars, a year-on-year increase of 7.8% and 9.6%.

Canned mushroom is the largest export of canned varieties in Zhangzhou, facing the traditional canned varieties decreased year by year situation, Zhangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau based on its technical information advantage, help the export of canned enterprises to speed up the cultivation technology, standards, brand, quality and service as the core of the new advantages of foreign trade, the implementation of the requirements of the national supply side reforms, promote the export of food enterprises in the export of "the same line with the standard of homogeneity, help enterprises to better co-ordinate the two markets of domestic and abroad, to support the development of Zhangzhou traditional mushroom industry: one is from the source, to encourage enterprises to establish a standardized helping mushroom planting base, raw materials from the start, to ensure quality and safety of canned mushrooms. In recent years, the canned enterprises in Zhangzhou prefecture have invested three standardized planting bases of mushrooms, which have guaranteed the supply of mushroom raw materials in quantity and quality. Two is to take advantage of the state "The Belt and Road" strategy, to play a functional role, and actively promote the resource advantage into the export advantage, continuously promote the canned products to expand exports, in addition to traditional markets of Europe and the us to open up the ASEAN, the Middle East and Africa, "The Belt and Road along the country. The three is to highlight the supply of information. On the one hand, we set up "risk warning information release platform" and "overseas food notification information inquiry platform" in the official website of Zhangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and timely issued relevant warning information, such as foreign notification information and technology trade measures of exported food and agricultural products. On the other hand, promote the building of Zhangzhou "China canned food industry quality and technology information service platform and promote the efficient operation of the Zhangzhou city to China canned food industry, information technology, the quality of the three major areas of high ground has taken a solid pace, not a negative reputation in China can".

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