Tips For Buying Canned Food

- Jul 06, 2017 -

First, see if the ingredient table contains preservatives. There are many kinds of additives as preservative foods, for example, Sls acid, benzoic acid, etc., but according to the relevant provisions of the State, canned food can not contain preservatives, and some illegal enterprises using preservatives to conceal their food processing in the process of improper management of health environment, inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms in food to extend the shelf life of food.

Second, see whether the color is natural. Edible pigments are permissible in some canned foods, however, the use of the volume, the scope of use must be controlled within the national standards, there are currently some illegal enterprises in the market is excessive use of pigments, or a super range of use of pigments, or even the use of national standards do not allow the use of pigments in canned food, such as amaranth red, lemon yellow,

Third, see if the contents of the label in the package are clear and complete. First look at the packaging is neat and clean, print printing is clear, the label is complete and formal, the regular manufacturer of canned food labels complete clarity, should be marked with name, factory name, site, ingredients table, net content, solid content, the implementation of standard code, quality grade, shelf life, followed by the purchase of products in the shelf life, in addition to see whether the food can be deformed, the term is called fat listening, leakage listen.

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