Pick Out The Freshest Mushrooms

- Oct 12, 2017 -

A meat A vegetarian A mushroom "is perfect match by the nutrition sector recognized diet. this "A mushroom" refers to mushroom. Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and taste delicious. They are high protein and low fat healthy foods. However, Stale mushrooms are not only bad in taste, but may pose a threat to human health. Autumn suitable for mushroom growth, the market fresh mushrooms species and the largest number of consumers to provide a full choice of space, only to master the selection of fresh mushrooms can achieve nutrition and safety both.


Choose a hemispherical cap mushroom. Buy Flammulina velutipes first look at the color. The Flammulina velutipes in Sichuan province is yellow. Its fragrance is strong and its taste is tender. Most of the other places are white with great toughness. No matter which color, fresh Flammulina velutipes has uniform color, no color, and if the color is gray, it shows that it is old or long. Secondly, to see the shape and size of about 12 - 15 cm, the cap is hemispherical mushroom fresh, if the cap long open, then that is the old mushroom.

Shiitake Mushroom is better to choose the thick cap. Choose fresh letinous edodes first appearance, fresh cap more juicy, gill piece upright, not collapse, with a thick cap. Letinous edodes fresh cap is brown, white or color such as ink like too dense, are likely to be defective.

Oyster Mushroom: The mushroom cap is a round plate, surface glossy, smooth, dry, 2 - 3 cm in diameter is better, so the best tasting mushroom. The surface of the fiber if that is too thick, too old, too rules too tender, less chewy. The requirements of Pleurotus eryngii fleshy, stipe color white.

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