How Much Sodium In Canned Sardines

- Apr 20, 2018 -

What nutrition does sardine have to introduce the 5 nutrition of sardine?

Sardines are eating fish collectively, sardines is primarily used to eat, can do eat canned fish, sardines is very common in Marine fish, fish, Marine economy is an important application is more extensive, so sardines have what nutrition? What are the nutritional values of sardines? Let's take a look at it.

1. Rich in protein.

Sardines contains plenty of protein, 19.8 g is contained in the 100 g fish fillet, and fish proteins belong to grease protein, sardines can supplement large amounts of protein and amino acid, to restore the body's growth and development and disease and etc all have to help the body's immune function.

2. Contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids.

Sardines sea fish, the fish is widespread in the animal unsaturated fatty acid, sardines contains a large number of DHA content is very high, suitable for middle-aged and old people and young children to eat, have a very good unfavorable effect on the brain, can promote the child's mental development and alleviate the elderly memory decline.

It contains a lot of minerals.

Sardines, volume is small, belongs to a small fish in the ocean, they mainly feed on algae and plankton, the body absorb a large number of minerals, especially calcium and iron, is of great help to the human body, can promote human body skeleton of calcium accumulated and help hematopoietic, ease of osteoporosis and iron deficiency anemia have a certain therapeutic effect.

It contains a lot of vitamin B.

Vitamin B group of various structure is similar to the floorboard of the vitamin B, how much it contains more than 20 kinds of vitamin B, vitamin B in the human body plays a different effect, the most obvious is the regulation of vision to the human body and the effect on the regulation of the cardiovascular system.

protein in a can of sardines

Sardines contain sodium potassium.

Fish in the sea of life, many Marine organisms contain a lot of sodium ions, sardines in the content of sodium ion is lower, the content of potassium is relative taller, more suitable for human consumption, the regulation of the potassium sodium balance to the body has the auxiliary function, can stable osmotic pressure, maintain the body's normal metabolism.

Does eating fish make you smarter?

1. What nutrition do you need to be smart?

"To be smart" is to be healthy. The essential nutrients are glucose, protein, lipid, B vitamins and trace elements. The nucleic acids that govern the memory of the brain are made up of amino acids and glucose, and amino acids are the basic components of proteins, so protein is the most important brain chemical.

Will fish be wise?

Eating fish will make you smart. The protein in fish is extremely rich, which can promote brain development, enhance the stimulation and inhibitory function of cerebral cortex, and improve learning efficiency. So in that sense, eating fish makes people smarter.

Is it good for children to eat fish?

Children eat fish well. The ratio of nutrients in fish is suitable for the human body, especially for children, the meat is delicate and easy to digest, with an absorption rate of 87% to 98%. And the calcium and phosphorus in the fish also contribute to bone and brain development. Vitamin B2 in fish is also an essential part of improving brain function.

4. Tips.

Fish nutrition is good, but also should not eat too much at once, every two to three days moderate eat, and with fruit, vegetable collocation, nutrition is more balanced, healthy brain function is better.

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