Can You Eat Too Many Pears

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Ancient Chinese people eat pears history is very long. Father called honey. Quick fruit. The cream, etc. And there is [hundreds of fruit "of reputation. There are many varieties of pear. Different origin. Each has its own characteristics. Such as shandong laiyang pear. Xinjiang korla pear. Tianjin snow pear. Anhui DangShan pears. Hebei zhao country snow pear and Japanese crystal pear. Australian beer pear, etc. The list goes on.

Since ancient times in China [jung let pear "and [the push pear jujube" of allusions. There are [fang still have Joan for tree. Juan thirst for knowledge of jade pulp "> < xu pear of lovers. The legend of tang dynasty prime minister Wei Zhengzhi mother coughing day long. And in fear ZhongYaoWei. Wei Zheng add pear and sugar. In traditional Chinese medicine to make cream sugar. Perfectly sweet. Finally stop coughing. Cream sugar has become another example of the ancients in diet.

According to the classification of botany. Pear belongs to the rosaceae plants. Sexual flavour gan. Slightly acid. Small cold. Lung. Stomach. Fluid dryness. Heat phlegm. Purging heat quench. Runfei cough. Yangxue raw muscle. Runchang purge. Used for fever Yin. Phlegm-heat type. Cough. Bother cough was crazy. Dry throat aphonia. Nausea, constipation, etc. < compendium of materia medica > said [runfei call. Sputum elimination send fire. Boil wine detoxification ". < compendium tong xuan > said [living qing fu heat. Maturer zi Yin "of five zang-organs. With its clear heat sedative function. To reduce high blood pressure. Insomnia. Horrified to have auxiliary therapy effect.

Pear contain a variety of vitamins, organic acids, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, and contains asparagine. Beneficial to protect the kidneys, contains vitamin B1, B2, the mediation of the nervous system. Increase heart. Relieve fatigue have certain effect. Patients with high blood pressure eat pears. There are clear heat. Ziyin. Cough. Can alleviate blood pressure caused by thirst. Dizzy. Boredom. Constipation. Tuberculosis patients eat pears. Can alleviate the lung Yin deficiency caused by dry cough. Phlegm thick. Hemoptysis. Five upset hot performance. Such as pear contain fructose. Easy to absorb. Combined with a variety of vitamins. Can stomachic. Help digestion. Also has a protective effect on the liver.

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According to south Korean said. After a meal to eat a pear to accumulate in carcinogens eduction. Especially after eating barbecue food. Eat pear is helpful to prevent cancer. Cancer patients eat pear is also helpful. Can relieve angular. Hot. Anorexia and Yin deficiency symptoms. Pear contains a lot of vitamin c. to inhibit the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the stomach. The head and neck radiotherapy often cause thirsty. Taste disorders such as toxic heat injury symptoms of Yin. Eat pear is also very good. Can stimulate the mouth saliva secretion. Guizhou in China. Sichuan. Mountains southwest of yunnan such as producing a thorn pear. Cool. Acid. Cooperate with other traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In patients with radiation therapy has a certain and gastric fluid. Inverse anti-nausea effect. And can improve the cellular immune function.

There are many kinds of pear. The curative effect also vary. Cough caused by Yin deficiency lung heat. Constipation can use white pear. Bai luobo half boiled water to drink. To make considered additions crystal sugar or honey. Cough. And purge. Is good for tuberculosis low thermal long cough. If there is any haemoptysis. Add fresh lotus root. Cooperate with each other. Increase the hemostatic effect.

Dry mouth with fever. The body is hot and thirsty, and can be used in half of the water chestnuts. Add mulberry leaves to boil water.

Energizer has shouted pharynx dry caused by the heat. Throat itching of dry mouth. Available pear and chrysanthemum boiled water. Add a small amount of crystal sugar. Boiled swallow frequently after open cool. Can have Yin throat. Caused by iodine deficiency goiter. Pear and iodine supplement function.

For some kidney dysfunction or hepatorenal syndrome caused by oliguria. Can use action pear and watermelon juice. Often drink. Good urinate. Ascites elimination function. The pear leaves dry boil water to drink. To alleviate inflammation and urinary system stone is good.

Pear slants cold aid wet. Eat more will hurt taste. Taste cold. Fear cold food should eat less. Pear fruit acid more. Stomach acid bulls. No. Eating pears have a diuretic effect. Night to urinate. Less to eat pears. Bed of blood deficiency. Chills. Diarrhea. Hands down the patients do not eat pears. And the best cooked to eat again. In case of raw symptoms aggravate. Pear contains high sugar content. Diabetes when. Pear contain much acidity. Should not be Shared with alkaline medicine. Such as aminophylline. Such as baking soda. Pear should not eat with crab. In case the cause diarrhoea. To stop coughing. Unfavorable choose too high sugar content of sweet pear.

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