Benefits Of Organic Carrots

- May 04, 2018 -

Organic carrot meat is fine, crisp and tender, has a special sweet taste, and is rich in carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins. Carrots are suitable for cooking, cooking and mixing. The baby begins to itch, often bite, and cut the carrot into the right size, allowing him to chew on it, both as a supplement and as a tooth. Organic carrots are good for cancer, high blood pressure, night blindness, dry eyes, poor nutrition, poor appetite and rough skin.

1. Beneficial liver: organic carrots contain a large amount of carotene, which can be used to treat night blindness.

2, diaphragmatic wide bowel: organic carrots contain plant fiber, water imbibition is strong, easy to expand, volume in the gut is the "filling material in intestinal tract, can strengthen the intestinal peristalsis, thus the diaphragmatic wide bowel, aperient cancer;

3, the spleen in addition to the malnutrition: vitamin A is A necessary material for normal bone growth, promote cell proliferation and growth, is the body's growth factors, is of great significance to promote the growth and development of infants and young children.

4. Enhancing immune function: the conversion of organic carotene into vitamin A helps strengthen the immune function of the body and plays an important role in preventing the carcinogenesis of epithelial cells. The lignin in carrot can also improve the immune mechanism and eliminate cancer cells indirectly.

5. Glucose-lowering lipids: organic carrots also contain hypoglycemic substances, which are good food for diabetics and contain certain ingredients. For example, it can increase the blood flow of coronary arteries, reduce blood lipids, promote the synthesis of epinephrine, and reduce blood pressure. It is also a good diet for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease.

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Carotene vitamin A supplementation is the most security products (pure chemical synthesis of vitamin A, too much will make the person poisoning), it contains A lot of beta carotene, after intake of digestive organs, can be converted into vitamin A. Beta-carotene can keep your eyes and skin healthy, improve night blindness and rough skin, and help your body avoid free radical damage. Carotene should not be taken with acid such as vinegar.

Moore discovered through the experiment in 1929, is A lack of vitamin A in rats after supplementary feeding beta carotene can significantly improve the level of vitamin A in the body, thus confirmed the carotenoids can be converted into vitamin A in the body, giving play to the role of vitamin A and so they are referred to as provitamin A.

So far, at least has more than 600 kinds of natural Carotenoids (Carotenoids) are found, and one of A few (e.g., beta carotene, etc.) will be converted into vitamin A in the body. And we know that pumpkin and carrots contain a lot of alpha-carotene besides beta-carotene.

Carotene on the chemical structure of the central has the same polyene chain, according to the exist in both ends of zhi muscone ring or groups of species have alpha, beta, gamma, delta, such as epsilon, tomato red and many other isomer. Beta-carotene is the most widely distributed and most abundant in carotene. The most vitamin A bioactivity is found in many isomers. Among the green leaves and chlorophyll, there are a lot of carrots, and the maximum absorption in chloroform is 497-466 nanometre. Beta-carotene is not soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon disulfide, etc. Alpha-carotene is common in the root of green leaves and carrots, and is generally low in content. The rotation of the benzene solution [alpha] = 18 CD + 385 °. The maximum absorption in chloroform is 485-454 nanometers. The distribution of gamma - carotene in living organisms is limited. The maximum absorption in chloroform is 508.5,475,446 nanometers.

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