What Is Whole Kernel Corn Can

- May 08, 2018 -

A basic introduction to corn.

Maize is the seed of maize, also known as corn,pearl, etc. Native to Mexico and Peru in Central America, it was introduced into China in the 16th century and has been cultivated for over 400 years. At present, there are planting all over the country, especially in northeast, north and southwest provinces. In northeast China, hard grain type corn is widely cultivated. In north China, it is more suitable for grinding and grinding of horse toothed corn, which is inferior to hard grain type corn. Corn variety type many, the points according to the use, that there was corn varieties with varieties of forage, food with mass (including delicious quality, sweet, baby corn), processing varieties (sweet corn, baby corn), explosive particle type varieties (popcorn special varieties), etc. Corn is a good health food in coarse grains, and it is good for the health of the human body.

Maize embryos are especially large, accounting for 10 to 14 percent of the total weight, which contains a lot of fat, so it can be extracted from corn embryos. Because corn contains a lot of fat, the corn is vulnerable to spoilage during storage. Corn is both ground and rice. There are no grades of corn flour, only a thick one. Corn flour can be used to make head, silk cake and so on. The protein in corn flour does not have the ability to form gluten elasticity, and it has poor gas performance. It needs to be mixed with flour to make various fermented snacks. The broken rice made from corn is called corn residue, which can be used for cooking porridge and braising rice. The immature, extremely tender corn is called a "maize shoot" and can be used to make dishes.

The efficacy and function of corn.

sweet corn.jpg

1. The weight loss

After eating, it can eliminate the hunger pangs of obese people, but it is low in calories and is one of the substitutes for weight loss.

2. Anti-cancer

Plant cellulose can accelerate the release of carcinogens and other poisons. Eating more corn can also inhibit the side effects of anti-cancer drugs.

Lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

Rich in calcium can have the effect of blood pressure, promote cell division, reduce serum cholesterol, and prevent its deposition in vessel wall, therefore, corn for coronary heart disease (CHD), atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and hypertension have a role in the prevention and treatment of. Central American indians are less susceptible to high blood pressure related to their main consumption of corn.

Increase memory and anti-aging.

Stimulate brain cells, enhance brainpower, memory and metabolism, and regulate nervous system function. Can make skin delicate and smooth, restrain, delay wrinkle to produce effect, can fight eye ageing.

5. Improving eyesight

People often use eye, should eat more some yellow corn, alleviate the macular degeneration, vision loss, lutein and zeaxanthin, with its powerful antioxidant effect, can absorb the harmful light into the eye.

6. Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Can prevent and cure constipation, enteritis, bowel cancer.

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