Are Longans Healthy

- May 31, 2018 -

Longan is a special fruit in the south of China. It is often sold in summer and autumn in large quantities. Because of the round and black luster of the fruit core, the navel is raised white. Longan's other name is guiyuan. Fresh longan meat is tender, juice, sweet taste good, but the preservation is not easy, people often basked in longan fruit baked into dried fruit, called, cassia pill, dried longan longan meat JiJin pineapple head dried longan, JiJin pineapple dried longan, etc., also is the commonly used longan in TCM. Guiyuan to xiamen east jin fruit farm jinjin phoenix pear ear guiyuan dried as the top product. longan fruit in syrup.jpg

Traditional health view, human has experienced a summer of exceptional consumption, high temperature environment in autumn and winter to eat some properties and gentle nourishing food, Yin prevent dryness, supplement, adjust the viscera function, advance a dozen good health foundation, enable it to adapt to the harsh, often cold climate, in order to achieve the purpose of prevention of fitness. Longan is very suitable for autumn and winter eat daily supplements, GanWen tonic, into the mist two classics, glove yi qi and blood, sweet and delicious, not AIDS, how to eat also very joker, can directly eat, make tea, stewed in clay pot soup, wine, making medicine, making porridge and so on, and simplified as, convenient and practical. If collocation of red jujube, Chinese wolfberry, angelica, yam, glutinous rice, lotus seed, chicken, pork, beef, thin, and so on food, eat a variety of ways, nutritional supplement each other, taste is diverse, can obtain a better result.

Today, guiyuan is still an important food for nourishing and nourishing in daily life. It can be used for insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitation and vertigo caused by deficiency of heart and spleen and deficiency of qi and blood. It can also be used to treat physical weakness or mental decline after illness, especially for staying up late and mental workers who consume sad temper and blood more effective. The content of protein, carbohydrate and mineral in dried longan was higher than that of fresh fruit. Weak, anemia, elderly, long become virtual, often eat longan is of great benefit, according to the study found that longan for uterine cancer cells have a very good inhibitory effect, in gynecology tumor prone phases such as menopause, appropriate to eat healthy. It can also be used for postpartum adjustment of women.

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