Are Canned Pears Good For You

- Jun 11, 2018 -

Pear is known as the home of hundreds of fruit, pear not only fresh sweet delicious, crisp and juicy, but also rich nutrition. According to statistics, every 100 grams in the edible part of pear, 167500 kilojoules of energy, some contain protein 0.1 grams, 0.1 grams fat, sugar, 9 g, 5 mg calcium, phosphorus 6 mg, 0.2 mg of iron, provitamin A (beta carotene) 0.01 mg, 0.02 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2, 0.01 mg vitamin C4 mg, 0.2 mg niacin.

Tip: keep eating 1-2 pears a day in the fall. It not only has unique effects on autumn dryness, but also has certain auxiliary therapeutic effects on hypertension, insomnia and dreaminess.

What are the benefits of eating pears

Pear has decrease internal heat, clear the heart, moisten the lungs, reduce phlegm, stop cough, reduce heat, detoxify sore poison and alcohol poison effect, regular food can supplement human nutrition. Pear is especially suitable for patients with hepatitis, tuberculosis, constipation, acute and chronic bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, hypertension, heart disease and esophageal cancer.

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Tip: according to a survey results, eating a pear after a meal is conducive to the excretion of carcinogens in the body; Pear juice contains more cancer-fighting substances when heated. Therefore, eating a pear after eating baked and fast food is a recommended healthy way to detoxify and fight cancer.

What are the benefits of eating pears

Pears contain a variety of vitamins, potassium, calcium, have step-down, clear heat, composed, and diuretic effect, for high blood pressure, heart disease associated with symptoms of dizziness, palpitation, tinnitus has certain therapeutic effect.

Tip: older and middle-aged friends should eat more pears in summer and fall. It can help purify human organs, store calcium nutrition, soften blood vessels, and promote blood to transport calcium to bones, so as to supplement calcium.

What are the benefits of eating pears

Pears also have a lot of plant fiber, so eating pears when the tongue will have a rough feeling; The fiber of pear can stimulate intestinal tube, can promote excretion, eliminate constipation.

Tip: three grams of dietary fiber per 100g of pear can help prevent constipation and digestive diseases, cleanse the kidneys and cleanse the intestines, thereby helping to prevent colon and rectal cancer.

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