Are Canned Foods Processed

- Jun 09, 2018 -

canned mushrooms production process:

1. Picking

2. Sorting and grading: Diseased, damaged, bruised, shrivelled and browned mushrooms are discarded

3. Washing: washed 3-4 times in cold running water

4. Blanching: blanched in boiling water for 2-3 minutes followed by immediate cooling in cold water, Or steam blanching.

5. Filling of cans

6. Brining: strained hot brine solution of 2% common salt,1% sugar and 0.05% citric acid is added up to the brim of the can.

7. Exhausting: cans are exhausted to remove any entrapped air.

8. Seaming: Sealed cans are then placed in upside down position to sterilize the closed lids.

9. Sterilization: This is accomplished by processing the hermetically sealed cans at a pressure of 15 lbs PSI for a specified period of time.

10. Cooling: Cooling of cans is done immediately after sterilization in cold running water to room temperature.

11. Labeling and storage: Stored in a cool dry place and smeared with grease. Cans are kept at ambient temperature for 8-10 days.


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