Abu Dhabi Show Perfect Ending

- Dec 15, 2017 -

We took part in the exhibition in Abu Dhabi from 12th-14th December, and the exhibition have successful harvest through the days of the exhibition . The next few days to participate in the exhibition activities, exhibitors from the site to do a good job of customer reception and customer follow-up work, have done a lot of effort. Through this exhibition, we have made face-to-face communication with our customers, and let each of us have a better understanding of each other and promote the progress of cooperation between the two sides. We hope that through this exhibition, more foreign friends will be able to know our company and establish a good cooperative relationship. Thank the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates for coming to our booth for our cordial greetings. We also thank our foreign friends to visit our company's booth, hoping to make mutual benefits in the following cooperation. Goodbye Abu Dhabi, see you around!Abu Dhabi show


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