Edible Suggestion Of Mushroom

- Dec 26, 2017 -

1. mushroom dry products can be soaked in warm water for about half a day, and then rotate it in the basin to remove the sand; the fresh products can be cleaned directly.

2. remove the mushroom root, can be fried, stewed, fried, stir, soup, or wine, steaming, burning, also can be used for a variety of meat dishes, the feast is one of the senior edible fungus dishes. Specifically, mushrooms can be made of stewed mushrooms, sliced fresh mushroom, mushroom, mushroom soup, lotus crispy duck with mushroom, mushroom, mushroom fried Yuba and burning water chestnut mushroom stew tofu dishes.C 级蘑菇 3.jpg

3. mushrooms are not easy to preserve food, a long time will turn yellow, and blue umbrella behind are brown, if heated, even slightly brown, don't worry, but if it is eaten, you should buy fresh mushrooms, cut after sprinkle with lemon or vinegar, can prevent its color.

Clean the mushroom: the mushroom surface has mucus, and the silt is sticky on it. It's not easy to wash. You can put a little salt in the water stirring to dissolve, and then wash mushrooms in water for a while so it is easy to bubble, sand wash; in addition, must take the hard stem with more sand at the bottom of the removed wash mushrooms before, because this part of the use of saline bubble is not easy to wash.

If the weight of the mushroom is many, it may be stewed into sauces. The delicious ingredients have been dissolved in it, so it can be used as a seasoning for cooking, so it is necessary to reduce the salt of the whole food. The mushrooms shred, sprinkle with salt, place a week, until the mushrooms are soft and dark brown, with slow fire boiled and then add ginger, garlic, mushroom 1/5 vinegar stew, until the sauce is reduced half degree, with gauze filter, sealed in glass bottle.

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