Where should fresh vegetables be stored?

- May 24, 2018 -


Usually, "green leafy greens" are most easily dehydrated in the refrigerator, and they are treated before being put into the refrigerator, which will keep the "green leafy greens" fresh for a long time.

1.Buy fresh vegetables if it is too dirty, roughly clean up the worm leaves, rotten leaves, and dirty leaves, do not soak; if it is bought in the vegetable market (vegetable vendors for the food pressure and tempting, will take the food Pouring a lot of water) We can throw the water a little, but don't throw it too dry; if it is a dish bought in the supermarket, the food itself will be very dry, it must be little water for it, the water can not point too much, much easier rotten;

2.Then place fresh vegetables in a film-protective bag or food bag. Do not seal it too tightly. Leave your mouth breathing and allow it to breathe. If it can produce convection, it is best. convection. This will keep the moisture in the vegetable leafy vegetables from evaporating so quickly, and it will get breath. It must be fresh!

3.In addition, the fresh vegetables are placed in the refrigerator in a very important position. The roots are placed down in the refrigerator freezer, which can effectively extend the storage time and keep them fresh.

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