What kind of pears are there

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Crown pear: the fruit is oval, the peel is yellow, the fruit surface is bright and clean, the fruit spot is small, no rust spot; Fruit small heart, white flesh, fine texture, less stone cells and residue, crisp and juicy, round fruit shape, sweet and sour taste.

Duck pear: the fruit is obovate-shaped and has a duck-shaped head on the top, hence the name "duck pear". Generally, the skin of pear is yellowish green. Bag-grown fruit is yellowish white, also known as crystal pear or crystal pear. Yali has a low sugar, sweet and refreshing taste, and it is a good choice to remove grease. It is best known for its places in batou, jinzhou and yangxin, shandong.

Moon harvest moon pear, pear is a kind of hybrid pear varieties introduced from Japan, autumn moon pear variety for sandy, fruit shape oblate, fruit shape index of 0.9 or so, fruit size and tidy, no bagging fruit peel a green brown, slightly storage into brown, after a long storage period, milky white flesh, succulent crisp, juice, sweet taste, fragrance and refreshing taste, less stone cell, stale after storage, small stone of the fruit, edible rate more than 95% soluble solids content of 13% above the average weight of 400 ~ 500 grams, the largest up to 1500 grams.

Snowflake pear: yellowish green, rough fruit surface, waxy skin. Of the most common pears on the market, it is the largest, each weighing between 350 and 400 grams. Its meat is crispy, juicy and sweet, and is best known for its zhaoxian county in hebei province. Snowflake pear has high medical value, with the functions of clearing the heart, moistening the lungs, relieving cough and dampness, decanting wine and detoxifying.

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Sweet pear: the scientific name of the pear korla, small fruit, spindle shaped or obovate. The skin is green and yellow, the sun is red and the skin is thin. The pear is high in sugar, crisp and dregs free and has a strong aroma.

South fruit pear: south fruit pear small fruit, greenish-yellow peel, red halo on the sun. The fresh fruit is crisp, hard, sour and sweet. If left at room temperature for about 15 days, the meat will become soft and easy to dissolve in the mouth. Produced in liaoning, anshan, liaoyang and other places to produce the most famous.

Apple pear: apple pear is also called yellow crown pear, the skin of the fruit is dark yellow, baggy fruit is light yellow, the appearance resembles yellow banana apple, the flesh is crisp and juicy, sweet and sour taste, has fragrance.

Pear with plenty of water: the skin of pear with plenty of water is yellowish-brown and golden after bagging. The flesh is tender, juicy and sweet. It has the shortest storage time, only about 10 days at room temperature.

Yantai pear: yantai pear has a scientific name of 59 fragrant fruits with a greenish-yellow peel. After a period of time, the fruit becomes soft, less juice, sweet and sour taste, suitable for the elderly and children to eat, not resistant to storage.

Pear beer: it is a general term for imported pear varieties, with various shapes and colors. California pear is the sweetest pear among them.

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