what can you make with Shiitake Mushroom

- Apr 12, 2018 -

 1.in Shiitake Mushroom edodes's protein, it contains 18 kinds of amino acids. 7 of the 8 amino acids necessary for human body are letinous edodes. Shiitake Mushroom also contains lots of glutamic acid and various carbohydrates. These are the important ingredients of letinous edodes's nutritional value, which are natural fragrance and flavor. So nutritionists say that the nutritional value of letinous edodes is 4 times that of beef, and letinous edodes is known as the "peak of plant food". The reason why people in all countries love letinous edodes so much is self-evident.

Shiitake Mushroom edodes is a traditional Chinese medicine, the famous medicine maker Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the "letinous edodes is a good food, sweet and flat, can help the stomach and help the urine can not help", and the "big interest stomach qi", "go out with pox rash". Therefore, letinous edodes is commonly used to assist children in smallpox, measles, clearing away heat and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure and other diseases. In recent years, medical research has also found that in 100 grams of dry letinous edodes, it contains 265 mg of vitamin D mother (ergosterol). This D mother and solar contact become vitamin D, which can be used to control infant rickets and promote normal growth and development of children's bones, teeth, and bodies. In letinous edodes, it is not inferior to the adenootrexate. And many enzymes can be used to prevent cirrhosis and treat various diseases caused by human enzymes. In addition, because letinous edodes is polysaccharides, it can improve the immunity of human body, reduce the blood pressure, and play a certain role in anti-cancer and cancer prevention. In March 25, 1989, Professor Zhang Shuting, a United Nations expert and President of the mushroom society in the international tropics, wrote the inscription on letinous edodes during the Qing Yuan review: "no bud, no leaves, no flowers, self results; edible, medicable and complementary." According to a research team at the University of Tokyo in Japan, the water-soluble lignin extracted from letinous edodes has the function of stimulating macrophages, which helps to enhance the bone marrow cells in the blood and has a strong inhibitory effect on the proliferation of AIDS virus.

2, Shiitake Mushroom burning cabbage

Material: half a jin of cabbage, letinous edodes 32 wash and tear into small pieces, shallot four segments, ginger finger a big piece of chopped end, salt, sugar half coffee spoon, starch a key, chicken essence or monosodium glutamate proper amount.

can of mushroom soup chicken recipe.jpg


Pour a little oil into the pan, stir fry and stir fry in green vegetables, then stir fry in letinous edodes, add cooking wine, salt, chicken essence and sesame oil. Stir fry and stir fry. After the green vegetables come out, go out of the pot.

3, microwave oven version of shrimp brewed letinous edodes

The first step: a small bowl of shrimp, peel and scissors to cut the shrimp back and wash the sand line. Cut it up and cut it up a little. Add some cooking wine, garlic, ginger, white pepper and water starch to stir the sticky. Fresh letinous edodes go to the pedicle and wash up.

The second step: letinous edodes surface down, and then, to transfer a good stuffing, ladle into letinous edodes.

The third step: put it in a microwave container with a lid.

Fourth steps: cover the lid, put in the microwave oven, turn 3-4 minutes, put the brewed letinous edodes on the other plate, the original plate will have some steamed letinous edodes juice, can be poured into the small bowl, and then a little water starch, stir well, the microwave oven around 30 seconds, became thin Euryale ferox, on the prawns, right. Right pouring shrimps above the above, just above the shrimps, just pouring it above the shrimps, right above the shrimps. Right pouring shrimps above, just above the shrimps, just pouring it above the shrimps, right above the shrimps, just pouring it above the shrimps, right above the shrimps. Right it on the shrimps, just pouring it above the shrimps, right above the shrimp seed .

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