What is the king of vegetables - asparagus

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Asparagus is one of the world's ten famous in the international market enjoy the laudatory title of "king of vegetables", asparagus is rich in amino acids, protein and vitamin, its content were higher than general fruits and vegetables, especially the asparagine in asparagus and trace element selenium, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, etc., and regulate the body's metabolism, improve body immunity, the high blood pressure, heart disease, leukemia, leukemia, edema, the prevention and treatment of cystitis, etc, has a strong inhibitory action and pharmacological effect.

According to the relevant experts, the asparagus has certain curative effect on hypertension, heart disease, tachycardia, fatigue, edema, bladder inflammation, urination difficulty, etc. In recent years, American scholars have found that asparagus has the function of preventing the proliferation of cancer cells, and has special effects on lymphatic granuloma, bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and kidney stones. Thus, its value multiplied.



The role of asparagus:

Asparagus has a protective effect on many diseases.

Asparagus contains of asparagine has many special physiological functions to human body, hydrolysis to generate nmda, can improve the body's metabolism, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength, and high blood pressure, heart disease, edema, nephritis, anemia, arthritis, etc all have a role in the prevention and treatment of. In addition, the manganese in asparagus can improve fat metabolism and reduce cholesterol. Chromium can prevent atherosclerosis; Molybdenum can block the synthesis of harmful nitrite.

Asparagus is effective for many types of cancer. This is mainly due to the rich histones in the cells which can make the cells grow normally and have the function of preventing the proliferation of cancer cells. The selenium contained in it can eliminate all kinds of harmful free radicals produced in the body and inhibit the vitality of carcinogens. Asparaginase has been recognized as a preventive against cancer and leukemia.

Eating asparagus often has three beneficial effects on the body.

Asparagus flavor, cold, lung, stomach meridian. It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the water. Here are three main benefits:

1. Remove dryness and health and prevent cancer.

Asparagus is a common vegetable, rich in a variety of nutrients, and plays a good pharmacological effect in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. The steroidal saponins in asparagus are the main manifestations of its biological activity. There are 19 kinds of saponins isolated from asparagus. It is reported that several saponins have a role in the prevention and treatment of cancer, so it is necessary to eat asparagus regularly to prevent all kinds of tumors.

2. Protect blood vessels and lipid.

The experimental results showed that the high-fat feed was fed to the kunming mice to cause hyperlipidemia, and the quantitative market of canned asparagus was added to observe the effect of asparagus on experimental hyperlipidemia. The results showed that the asparagus could inhibit the increase of lipid and liver fat, and had a certain therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia. Asparagus has the characteristics of low sugar, low fat and high cellulose. There are also rich trace elements, whose protein content is not high, but the proportion of amino acids is appropriate. So often eating asparagus can also prevent hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease.

3. Clear mouth and lose weight.

With increasingly see warm day, began to reduce clothes, but many MM due to the winter to eat more of less, can't avoid its flesh has long out, many love beautiful female friends have begun to action, here, to recommend a good ingredients can reduce weight, in addition to exercise, can the appropriate weight for dinner in the dinner, the ingredients with a variety of grains porridge, as a dinner to lose weight the effect is very good.