The difference between guiyuan and longan

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Many people can't tell whether guiyuan and longan are the same thing or not. What's the difference between them?

Longan is fresh fruit.

Longan is to remove the shell and core of the longan, leaving only the flesh of the fruit, dried fruit. And the long eye with the shell with the core after drying, called the long eye dry. Dried longan is actually is the process of using thermal action would reduce the moisture in the fruit to a certain extent, increase the concentration of the soluble substance to the point of microorganism is difficult to use, so can be preserved for a long time. In fact, longan and longan are a kind of plant, only one is fresh fruit, one is dry fruit. And now many people directly call longan longan longan longan longyuan.

Longan containing glucose, sucrose and vitamins A, B, and other nutrients, which contains more protein, fat, and A variety of minerals, and longan longan composition similar, just less to moisture, they all have blood yiqi, enhance immunity, nerves except vexed, spleen, lung, skin, the effect of ageing resistance to radiation.


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