Production process of saltwater mushroom

- Feb 13, 2018 -

Pickled mushrooms in brine is prepared in advance 22 degrees Baume salt brine. With 100 kg of water (raw water) add 40 kg of salt, stirring to dissolve, lack of salt salt, in order to achieve the salinity, precipitation, impurity reserve. According to the boiled mushroom weight with 60% and 10% white salt brine, after 48 hours of immersion, salt stability at 15~16 degrees, the mushroom removed for sorting. When marinade, a moderate amount of brine is poured into the cylinder, then mushrooms, salt, layer salt of mushroom. Cooked mushroom under the tank always checks salinity, cylinder cylinder under the state listing, time and quantity level, salinity.

Raw material treatment

After the acquisition of fresh mushrooms, the mushroom surface mud was washed with 5/10000 - coke sodium sulfite solution (1000 kg of water added to 0.5 kkc). Wash the mud and impurities, then in 5/10000 sodium metabisulfite solution rinse for 1 minutes, take out into plastic bags lined barrel, packed in barrels of fresh mushroom, mushroom should add water immersion, and then sent to the factory or workshop production.


The processed fresh mushrooms, timely put in static or flowing water rinse rinse to reach the end of 3~4, drift as residual sodium metabisulfite, and mushrooms into the baskets lined with gauze, for pre cooked.

Pre cooked

Double cylinder stainless steel pot or steam coil burning, cook (rural mushroom house available large aluminium pot cooking). Pre cooked liquid every 100 kilograms of water is added to 5~7 kg of salt or equivalent salt brine (immersion mushroom hair brine) boil, after being washed into the pre cooked mushroom cylinder pre cooked, to be boiled with the strainer flip up and down, the mushroom even mature, about 6~7 minutes, remove the cooling. Pre cooked boiled water can add 3% 5~6 times, but third times out of salt in the mushroom after (or brine) add salt. Not too much use of pre boiled salt water, otherwise it will affect the color. The precooking time depends on whether the mushroom heart is cooked, and the best mushroom is to be precooked separately.

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The precooked mushrooms are continuously cooled in the flowing water or in the rest of the cold water. Until there is no temperature difference between hand touch mushroom body.


Classification of available classifier screen, or by manual sorting, its specifications (cooked mushroom diameter) is determined according to the international and domestic market standards should be, generally 3~5 grade: a grade B 1~2 cm, 2~3 cm, 3 cm above the C level, D level, E (substandard) large deformity, thin skinned, open umbrella. The big rip off, handle.


After sieving the machine, all grades should be picked out by artificial selection. The malformations, shank and umbrella can be picked up as E level (outside mushrooms), then called and barrel.


Cooked meat should advance with 40% salt boiling melting, salinity up to 22 degrees, in the cooling and precipitation with gauze after filtering, adding 2% citric acid. The barrel will be salted mushrooms with halogen, Baume meter to measure the time taken in barrels of halogen degree by 22 degrees 15~16, salinity at 18 degrees, 20 degrees with the barrel of halogen. Then weighing in drops of halogen disconnection prevail, a barrel mounted saline quantity to packaging containers and export requirements, the number should be sufficient, no more, no less. Mushroom in plastic barrel, the barrel mouth with bamboo and other objects floating in the mushroom lasagna pressed into the brine, and indicate the grade. Barrel to check the level of compliance, should always check, add enough brine, stored 3~4 days after passing the factory inspection.


Mushroom as raw materials can, due to seasonal mushroom production is very strong, and has obvious peak fruiting period, the production capacity of canned food factory Co., raw materials often saturated, that part of the mushroom processing can not timely. The processing of saltwater mushrooms is helpful to solve the mild problem of mushroom production and ease the market, and it can also be exported directly. The equipment for processing saltwater mushrooms is small, and the technology is simple. It can be produced by the collective and individual.

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