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- Jan 29, 2018 -

Basic introduction of Asparagus

Shi Diaobai refers to the tender stem of asparagus, Liliaceae, perennial plants, because its stems erect, top flake tightly wrapped, shaped like a stone Diao, like pine needles on branches, said Shi Diaobai; and because of its edible tender stems, buds and shoots like a reed, so there are a lot of people used to be Shi Diaobai Chinese called asparagus. Asparagus leaves was to be shaped, so called "asparagus" in Beijing. Asparagus has high nutritional value. It is one of the ten famous cuisines in the world. It enjoys the reputation of "the king of vegetables" in the international market. At present, there are many kinds of anticancer medicines and health care products which are mainly used asparagus at home and abroad.

Asparagus originates in the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor, and there are still wild species in Europe, Asia continent and North African steppe and valley zone. It has been more than 2000, and it was introduced into China in the early twentieth Century. All the countries of the world are cultivated in the United States. Chinese cultivated asparagus from the Qing Dynasty, only 100 years of history, in the coastal areas of the large cities suburban sporadic cultivation, local fresh.

The effect and function of Asparagus

1. king of cancer

Contain anti-cancer rich elements of asparagus King - selenium, prevent cancer cell division and growth, inhibition of carcinogen activity and accelerate detoxification, and even cause cancer cells reversed, stimulating immune function, promote the formation of antibodies to improve cancer resistance; strengthen the function and content of acid, nucleic acid, can effectively to control the growth of cancer cells. Asparagus has a special effect on bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and so on, and it has a certain effect on all cancers.

2. clear heat diuresis

For people who are prone to fire and hypertension, asparagus can remove heat and diuresis, and many food benefits are very good.

3. promotion of fetal brain development

As for pregnant women, the content of asparagus folic acid is more, and the frequent use of asparagus can help the development of the fetal brain.

4. good food medicine

Regular consumption can eliminate fatigue, reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular function, increase appetite, improve body metabolism and improve immunity. It is a high nutrition and health care vegetable.

canned asparagus fresh nutritional good price

The nutritional value of Asparagus

Asparagus is the edible part of its tender stems. Its asparagus stems are rich in protein, vitamins and mineral elements. The nutrients are not only comprehensive, well matched, but also high in content, which is unmatched by other vegetables and fruits.

1. low sugar, low fat, high cellulose and high vitamin. This feature is also the requirement of modern nutrition for health food.

The content of amino acids in the 2. protein is high and the proportion is appropriate.  The total amino acid content of green asparagus is 27% higher than that of other vegetables, and the 8 amino acids of human body are very high. The ratio of arginine to lysine is 1.06. Nutritionists believe that the ratio of nearly two of the two food has a role in lowering blood lipids. Especially in all amino acids, aspartic acid content is up to 1.826%, accounting for 13.23% of the total amino acid content, which is effective for cardiovascular diseases, edema and bladder diseases.

3. asparagus contains a variety of essential elements and trace elements that are necessary for the human body. A large number of elements such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and iron are very high; trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, chromium and other ingredients, and the proper proportion, has an important role of these elements on the prevention of cancer and heart disease, nutritionists and vegetarian circles that it is healthy and comprehensive anticancer food.

4. asparagine containing more, L-asparaginase is drug for treating leukemia.

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