canned fruit in own juice

- Nov 22, 2017 -

It's a pretty common story.  You buy a bunch of fruit for your new, healthy diet (good for you!), and stick it on your counter in a nice, decorative bowl.  However you don't end up eating it as fast as you had originally planned, and it ends up sitting for just a little too long.  In the end you have to throw out a good quarter of the fruit because of that nasty fruit rot.  What a waste!  How the heck can you get more time out of that healthy, delicious fruit?canned pineapple.jpg

Can it!  Canned fruit will last, for all intensive purposes, indefinitely.  It's cheap, tastes great, and is readily available at your local grocery store.  Fruits don't lose any sort of nutritional benefit upon being canned.  They may lose a little of their original texture, but once you get past that you're virtually golden.  What a great way to get more of those essential vitamins and other nutritional benefits back into your diet!

BUT HOLD ON!  Don't run out to your grocery store and buy a whole cartload of canned fruit just yet.  There are a few little things that you should be aware of before splurging on canned fruit.  When it comes to the cans, not all are created equal.  NOT BY A LONG SHOT.  How is this possible?  Well, it's actually quite simple.  Some canned fruit is canned in syrup (either heavy or light), and some is canned in the natural juice of the fruit.  I'll give you one wild guess as to which one is better for you.  I'll even give you a's not the syrup, and here's why:

Canning syrup isn't composed of much except a whole BUNCH of added sugar.  This is something you really don't need, especially if you're trying to keep blood insulin levels low and your body from storing excess fat.

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