How will the mushrooms be stored

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Mushrooms are rich in amino acids, proteins, and delicious. But bisporus respiration is exuberant, at room temperature quickly open umbrella, browning, taste, quality of corruption, only for short-term storage. Dried mushrooms are easy to be preserved, but the nutritional value is reduced, and serious loss can be caused when processing is not processed in time. Therefore, measures should be taken before the sale and processing of the post harvest storage and transportation in order to prevent the decline of the quality of the mushroom. Many varieties of mushrooms, a common mushroom, letinous edodes, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom etc..t017c810cd951e372bf.jpg

The suitable condition for mushroom storage is 0 humidity and 95% relative humidity. The water loss of mushrooms is related to the black handle and the opening of umbrellas. The water loss can be reduced by packing or maintaining relative humidity above 95%. Gas storage can inhibit the browning of mushroom. The control of oxygen and 5--10% of carbon dioxide in 2--4% is beneficial to maintaining the white and prolonging the storage life of the mushroom. Brine, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sulfur dioxide or steam heat treatment can passivate polyphenol oxidase activity and prevent enzymatic browning. In storage and transportation, metal containers should be avoided to prevent mushroom from browning.

(1) the spontaneous gas transfer of the mushroom in the 0.04--0.06 mm thick polyethylene bag, through the mushroom itself respiration to cause the hypoxic and high carbon dioxide environment in the bag. Packaging bags should not be too large, generally in full capacity 2--4 Jin, at 0 degrees centigrade for 5 days to keep the same quality.

(2) the mushrooms were packed in 0.04--0.06 mm thick polyethylene bags filled with CO2 and filled with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. They were kept at 2--4% and 5--10% respectively, and their opening and browning could be inhibited at 0 oC.

(3) the vacuum packing is packed in a polyethylene bag with 0.06--0.08 millimeter thick, and the true air drop is low in oxygen content and can be kept for 7 days at 0.

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