How to produce canned litchi In Heavy Syrup

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Processing technology of canned litchi

Canned litchi is a kind of canned fruit with the main material of litchi. The litchi fruit is subtropical fruit trees, translucent creamy, sweet taste. The canned canned lychee can make up the lung, the heart, the spleen and the stomach.

Selection of raw materials

Eight or nine mature fruits are selected and most of the peel are bright red, and the green part must not be exceeded.

The 1/4 of the fruit surface. Selected after grading, generally divided into more than 3.2 cm and 2.8-3.2 cm two. Less than 2.8 centimeters, used as the raw material for lychee juice. The fruit should be fresh and required to be shipped to the factory within 24 hours after collection, not more than 36 hours at the latest. Into the factory to choose any fruit, small fruit, pericarp browning, soft rot or mildew water burst, to eliminate.

Cleaning of raw materials

Wash with water first, then with 0.1% Potassium Permanganate solution soak for 5 minutes and then rinse disinfection, the flow of 5 minutes. Immersion operation should be careful, do not operate the peel, in order to avoid the pollution of pulp.

Peeling and removing the nucleus

With the size of the cylinder core (size 1.5-1.6 cm in diameter, head diameter of 1.3-1.4 cm, the head end and tail with a knife into sharp) tweezers, is inserted into the cylinder through the base alignment of head or head to peel size, slightly turn, not to force too much, to touch the core of. Along with the tip of the tube is inserted into the through cut slightly to a circle, make the flesh completely separated from the kernel, and then use the tweezers out nuclear, from near the entrance to the cave to tear the skin. In operation, preserve the integrity of the flesh. When the core is stripped off, the pulp is immediately put into clean water, not contaminated, and to avoid contact with any iron tools. With the closing of pulp with peel, pulp about 2 kilograms per pot, the next step.

Whole Lychees  In Heavy Syrup

Sorting and grading

Remove the skin and check it. Pick up the broken flesh, if there is a nuclear chip, a nuclear membrane, and a nuclear handle on the meat.

Canned canned litchi

Canned canned litchi

You must cut it with scissors. Put the finished pulp in a porous sieve (no more than 4 jin per sieve) and rinse in the flowing water. The shorter the better, the better not more than 2 minutes. The pulp after peeling and removing the core should be graded and rinsed in 12 minutes to minimize the time of contact with the air. After rinsing, then send to the tank, can not be backlog. The longer the working process is, the better, otherwise, it will affect the redness of the pulp.

Pulp canning

567 grams (108 double) plain can body and acid coating iron cover. The empty tank should be cleaned first and then sterilized by boiling water. The weight of the flesh is 330-335 grams per can, and the canister is immediately sent to sugar water.

Sugar water

As the internal filling liquid canned syrup, temperature at 20 DEG C, sugar liquid Baume were measured for 30%, with citric acid containing acid solution will be adjusted to 0.2%, sugar poured into the tank as per 242 grams of sugar, poured into the temperature not lower than 75 DEG C.

Exhaust seal

After filling the sugar, then it is sent to the exhaust box. The exhaust box is filled with steam, and the temperature is about 90 degrees. The time that the cans pass through the exhaust box is about 6-7 minutes. After passing the exhaust box, the temperature of the tank can reach 75 degrees or more. With immediate exhaust, sealed with sealing machine, sealing check sealing is good, sterilization must be within 10 minutes after sealing.

Sterilization and cooling

Boil the water in the pasteurization pot, then put the canned into it, and then work the hot water over the pot again. When the water is reboiling, the time is calculated, and it is completed in 3 minutes. The whole process of sterilization is required to be finished in 10 minutes. After sterilization, the canned food can be hung out, quickly put into the cooling pool, cooled by water, and the temperature of the core can be reduced to less than 30 degrees. The shorter the cooling time, the better the fruit will turn red.

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