Whole Lychees Peeled and Pitted in Heavy Syrup

Whole Lychees Peeled and Pitted in Heavy Syrup

Canned litchi is a kind of canned fruit with the main material of litchi. The litchi fruit is subtropical fruit trees, translucent creamy, sweet taste. The canned canned lychee can make up the lung, the heart, the spleen and the stomach.

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Product Details

Selection of raw materials

Eight or nine mature fruits are selected and most of the peel are bright red, and the green part must not be exceeded.

The 1/4 of the fruit surface. Selected after grading, generally divided into more than 3.2 cm and 2.8-3.2 cm two. Less than 2.8 centimeters, used as the raw material for lychee juice. The fruit should be fresh and required to be shipped to the factory within 24 hours after collection, not more than 36 hours at the latest. Into the factory to choose any fruit, small fruit, pericarp browning, soft rot or mildew water burst, to eliminate.


Cleaning of raw materials

Wash with water first, then with 0.1% Potassium Permanganate solution soak for 5 minutes and then rinse disinfection, the flow of 5 minutes. Immersion operation should be careful, do not operate the peel, in order to avoid the pollution of pulp.


Product Specification of Whole Lychees Peeled & Pitted In Heavy Syrup

Product Type:

Canned Lychee



Preservation Process:



Lychee, Water, Sugar


Fresh Lychee

Place Of Origin:

Fujian, China (Mainland)



Model Number:


Shelf Life:



Easy Open And Normal Lid


Can (Tin) Or Jar

Brand Name:

Customers Own Brand


Product Packing


Size (N.T*Qty/Ctn)



Canned Lychee








1.Light and thick syrups available

2.Syrup thickness brix can be changed to meet customers' requirements

3.Special D.W. are also available

4.After opening, transfer product to an airtight container and store in the refrigerator.


Product Details

49Whole Lychees Peeled & Pitted In Heavy Syrup   .jpg


Peeling and removing the nucleus

With the size of the cylinder core (size 1.5-1.6 cm in diameter, head diameter of 1.3-1.4 cm, the head end and tail with a knife into sharp) tweezers, is inserted into the cylinder through the base alignment of head or head to peel size, slightly turn, not to force too much, to touch the core of. Along with the tip of the tube is inserted into the through cut slightly to a circle, make the flesh completely separated from the kernel, and then use the tweezers out nuclear, from near the entrance to the cave to tear the skin. In operation, preserve the integrity of the flesh. When the core is stripped off, the pulp is immediately put into clean water, not contaminated, and to avoid contact with any iron tools. With the closing of pulp with peel, pulp about 2 kilograms per pot, the next step.


Product Qualification



Q: What's Your Payment Term?

A: Our Payment Term Is 30% In Advance,70% See The Copy B/L Paid Or LC At Sight
Q: what fruit is its taste closest too?
A: There really isn't anything like it. It's soft, sweet, and makes a great martini! 

Q: What's Your Minimum Quantity? 
A: The Minimum Order: 1*20'Fcl

Q: what country are they from?
A: This products is from China.


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