How to make canned fruit?

- May 21, 2018 -

canned yellow peaches

How to achieve the long-term storage of fruit canned food, first of all to know what caused the food spoilage. Microorganisms breed and multiply in food. They constantly decompose nutrients in the food, causing the composition of the food to change and the food to deteriorate.

Therefore, canned fruits generally work together to prevent food corruption in three ways:

First, sterilization

Whether it is a food or a can, it needs to be sterilized. After the spores of bacteria and bacteria are eliminated, there will be no bacteria. However, the possibility of total elimination is not great. Basic sterilization can be done so that food preservation time is extended as much as possible.

Second, sealed

There is also a large amount of spores of bacteria and bacteria in the dust in the air. The spores of bacteria are like the seeds of trees. Therefore, canned fruit is vacuum sealed.

Third, preservatives

There are preservatives in cans, because the bacteria will quickly reproduce in the appropriate environment, even if there is only one bacteria, because it is divided into reproductive, so it can quickly become numerous. Preservatives can effectively inhibit the survival of bacteria, making it impossible for a small number of bacteria to survive and foods to be stored for a long time.

The more commonly used food preservatives are sorbate and nitrite. Potassium sorbate is not toxic, but nitrite is a carcinogen. The problem is relatively large.

Hygienic standards for food additives stipulate that no additives can be added to canned fruits. However, in some inferior cans, synthetic pigments such as potassium sorbate, carmine, and lemon yellow have been added, and coconut milk has also been “bathed” with sweeteners, industrial grade alkali, and industrial hydrogen peroxide.

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