Where Can I Buy Fresh Baby Corn

- Mar 13, 2018 -

Baby corn, as the name implies, are tiny, immature ears of corn. Both the kernels and the cob are soft enough to be eaten raw and they have a pleasing crunch and mild corn flavor. The ears are generally two to four inches long and about a half inch in diameter. They are most commonly used in Asian cuisine, especially stir fries, but are also found in salads and in salad bars. Interestingly, even though the United States is the largest producer of corn in the world it imports almost all of its baby corn from other countries. Thailand grows and sells the most baby corn, followed closely by Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and China. Most of this corn is canned or pickled in brine before shipping to improve shelf life.

Whole small baby corn are approximately 2 to 2 1/2 inches long

Light yellow color, it has a firm texture and excellent appearance

Can be served in hot dishes or eaten right from the tin

Fully cooked and the entire corn is edible

Gluten free with zero grams of trans fat

We Supply Top Quality Delicious Whole Organic Young Corn In Cans, Which Are Natural &Green, Do Not Add Artificial Preservatives, Has A Longer Shelf Life, Covering Most Of Europe、The Americas And Some Of The Middle East And Asia Market. We Are Expecting Become Your Long-Term Partner In China.

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Product Introduction 
Canned Baby Corn With Whole Organic Young Corn Are Picked And Packed At The Peak Of Freshness For The Highest Standard Flavor. It Is No Added Flavors, Coloring And No Artificial Preservatives. It Has Longer Shelf Life And Retains Its Freshness For Longer Of Time.

Product Specification

Product Type:

Canned Baby Corn

Preservation Process:

Salty Water


Baby Corn, Water, Salt

Place Of Origin:

Fujian, China (Mainland)



Shelf Life:



Easy Open And Normal Lid

Brand Name:

Customers Own Brand

Product Packing


Size (N.T*Qty/Ctn)



Canned Baby Corn

425g * 24



2840g * 6



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