Types Of Canned Food

- Jul 06, 2017 -

There are many kinds of canned food, the method of classification is different, according to the national standard according to the difference of raw materials can be divided into six categories, and then the major categories according to processing or the different methods of seasoning into several categories.

1. Meat: Steamed canned meat, seasoning meat can, canned meat, smoked meat can, sausage meat can, offal meat canned;

2. Birds: Canned poultry, canned bone-type poultry, canned poultry seasoning;

3. Aquatic Products: oil-immersed (smoked) canned aquatic products, seasoning aquatic canned, steamed canned aquatic products;

4. Fruit Category: Canned fruit, syrup canned fruit, jam canned fruit, juice cans;

5. Vegetables: canned vegetables, vinegar stains canned vegetables, seasoning vegetables canned, salted (sauce stains) canned vegetables;

5. Other classes: canned nut, soup.

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