Is Fruit Corn A Vegetable Safe

- Jul 05, 2018 -

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Fruit corn with its fresh and juicy, sweet and delicious, can eat raw characteristics such as highly regarded, but at the same time, we will be questioned: fruit corn is just come into our lives in recent years, the fruit corn is genetically modified food?

Actually, fruit corn is an American in 1844 through the precocious yellow hard corn and white sweet corn kernels derived by hybridization between, so is a kind of hybrid species, like hybrid rice safety, fruit corn varieties breeding in China started from the early 1950 s. In 1968, China agricultural university first developed the Beijing white sugar variety. But in recent years, several genes related to the sweet corn and associated with molecular markers have been found, breeders can also rely on marker-assisted selection technology to speed up the breeding process. In addition, breeding methods that utilize anther tissue culture technology to accelerate the homozygous process of recessive genes have also begun to receive attention from breeders. These breeding techniques are not covered by a single or a few of the purpose of the structure and function of known gene insertion, nor by modifying genes, the change of knockout, shielding, popular point said, through the above these methods cultivated sweet corn is genetically modified corn. A lot of people because the fruit sweet differs from that of common corn, corn is considered fruit corn is genetically modified, it is actually not think corn gene mutations also can produce different traits.

The main reason why fruit corn is so sweet is that the water-soluble polysaccharide content in fruit corn endosperm is high and the starch content is low.

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