How Do They Grow Baby Corn

- Apr 17, 2018 -

The morphology of maize shoots is similar to that of ordinary corn in China, but the appearance quality and inner quality are different from that of ordinary corn, and the corn stick (shaped like a bamboo shoot) with the size of the female head grows for the purpose of harvest. The canned baby corn from the corn is one of the most popular canned vegetables in the world.

In recent years, nanjing county three township ten several village development every year 1000 ~ 1333 hm2, corn bamboo shoots during the shoot attracted the minnan golden triangle region and guangdong shenzhen, shantou and other places of quick-frozen factory, cannery many merchants to come to buy fresh corn bamboo shoots. With the improvement of people's living standard and the demand for food diversification, the development of baby corn bamboo shoots is a promising prospect.

Characteristic features

The plant of maize shoot is root system, root system is developed, branch is exuberant. The stem is intermediate, 16 ~ 18 knots. The plant height is 210 ~ 220cm and the stem is 1.5-2.3 cm thick. Leaves alternate arrangement, the total number of leaves 16 ~ 18 leaves, short leaf tongue, leaf blade edge is wavy, surface has fuzz. The male flowers are panicles and are born at the top of the plant and the pollen is yellow. The female of the male and female is in the panicle of the meat, and the festival is 10 ~ 13, with 4 ~ 8 shoots (2 ~ 4 main shoots, 2 ~ 4 side shoots). In the timely harvest, the bamboo shoots are 5.5 ~ 12cm and the transverse stem 1 ~ 1.8cm. The fresh bamboo shoots without pollination have a light yellow luster, the seeds are arranged neatly, the tissue is tender and crisp, and the fragrance is strong.

It belongs to the warm type, and the total effective temperature of sowing to the bamboo shoots is 900 ~ 950. In the minnan plain area, there are three seasons and two seasons in the mountain. From sowing to harvest time: spring sowing 78 ~ 69 days, summer sowing 65 days or so, autumn sowing 54 ~ 61 days, the harvest time around 15 days. The average 667m2 bracts are 750 ~ 850kg, and the fresh shoots are 180 ~ 200kg. Wide adaptability and strong resistance. The soil requirement is not strict, paddy farmland, mountain can be planted.

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Cultivation techniques

The seeds are sown when the temperature is stable through 12. The seeds can be seeded from early march to mid-september in fujian province. According to the market demand, flexibly master the planting period.

The planting beds of the two lines were 1.2m (including furrows), double row planting, 667m2 planting of 3,500 points, and 2 strains of 3 seeds planted in the acupoints, ensuring that the number of 667m2 shoots was more than 7000.

The growth period of the fertilized corn bamboo shoots is relatively short, and the average of 667m2 is about 9kg of pure nitrogen, and the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is at 1:0.7:08.0. Phosphate fertilizer should be used as base fertilizer 80%. At the early stage of dialing, the fertilizer should be reapplied, and the fertilizer should be about 70% of the total amount. When applying fertilizer, it should be combined with soil to prevent lodging.

The three leaf stages were carefully managed, and the seedlings were fertilized after 2 ~ 3 days. In the middle and late stage, the balance fertilizer was balanced. Spring sowing attention to drainage, autumn sowing if drought should be timely irrigation. Corn stalks and leaves contain high sugar content, which is vulnerable to aphids and should be prevented and controlled in time. In order to ensure the quality of fresh bamboo shoots, chemical pesticides should not be used for 15 days before the shoot.

In time, the male flowers have just been removed from the top of the plant, and they are completely emasculated. Otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of fresh bamboo shoots.

It is the key to ensure the quality of fresh bamboo shoots and improve the yield. When harvesting, the stalk of the female will stay for 2 ~ 3 knots, and two side shoots will be sent on both sides of the stalk. The first harvest time can be harvested on the second day of the first bud. The 2nd ~ 4 bamboo shoots and side shoots should be harvested on the day when the filament is exposed. However, it must be flexibly mastered according to the thickness and length of the shoot. Ensure that the horizontal stem of bamboo shoots is not more than 1.8cm, and the length is 5.5 ~ 12cm.

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