Can Canned Mushrooms Be Frozen

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Quick-frozen mushroom is a kind of mushroom that rapidly cools down and rapidly freezes fresh mushrooms. And mushrooms are edible fungi door basidiomycotina agaricales phylum layer black umbrella division mushroom of cafa and lid, with mushroom, straw mushrooms, and mushrooms and usually referred to as beneficial to human body of the "big four" edible fungi, commonly used and thick flesh crisp, rich fragrance, best quality.


Mushroom used for quick freezing should have complete, white, elastic cover, no mud root, no disease and insect pests, no mechanical damage and hollow, white heart, etc. The fungus stalk shall not exceed 15mm, and the diameter of the fungus umbrella shall be about 30mm. Wash 2-3 times, remove sediment, dirt, etc. In 100 ℃ hot water blanching 3 ~ 5 min. Strictly control the water temperature, prevent the mushroom color. After blanching, rapid cooling in the cold pool below 10 ℃.

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Grade and freeze

Mushroom divides big commonly, medium, small 3 class. The diameter of canopy is above 40mm, 30 ~ 40mm and below 30mm respectively. Mushroom freeze respectively with different specifications, using the rapid freezing fluidization monomer, the most appropriate when - 35 ℃. Generally, each bag is 250g, 500g or 1000g respectively for different specifications. When sealing, the air inside the bag should be removed and finally packed and refrigerated.

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