What is the Processing technology of canned mushroom

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Processing technology of canned mushroom

The canned mushroom varieties produced in China include mushroom, button mushroom, flake mushroom and broken mushroom. The export of canned with tin cans, specifications have 184g to 3000g with a dozen.

(1) the acceptance of raw material mushroom: the fresh mushrooms that can be processed to canned mushroom must be first grade mushrooms; two or three grade mushrooms can be processed in general canned mushrooms. As the sheet mushrooms raw materials, pileus diameter of not more than 4.5cm, as fragments of mushrooms raw materials, pileus diameter shall not exceed 6.0cm.

(2) rinse: separate the fresh mushrooms of different ranks into 0.03% of sodium bisulfate solution, gently turn up and down, wash away the sediment and impurities, and wax and lipid on the surface of mushroom. After rinsing 2 points, get out of the water and wash it in the water.

(3) precooking: first, the prepared 0.1% citric acid solution is boiled in the precooking machine, and then the mushrooms are rinsed well. The ratio of water to mushroom is about 3:2. Continue to boil until it is boiled, 8~10 points, and then quickly cool.

(4) classification and sections were graded according to the specification requirements of the processing of canned food, pick cap dehiscence, deformity, open the umbrella and color is not suitable for mushroom body dressing, a diameter of about 1.5cm for the class of mushroom; a diameter of about 2.5cm to two 3.5cm in diameter for mushroom; three mushroom; below 4.5cm used for processing piece of mushroom, a diameter of over 4.5 cm above the big mushroom, mushroom and so on can be processed and broken with mushroom.

Processing technology of canned mushroom

(5): tinplate cans or glass bottles should be strictly checked before canned cans, empty cans out unqualified. Then wash in 90~95 centigrade hot water and pour it on the clean shelf and drain.

(6) add the soup: the recipe of the soup is 2.3% ~ 2.5% of the salt and 0.05% of the citric acid. The temperature of the soup should be above 80 centigrade when the soup is added.

(7) pre closing, exhaust and seal: pre sealed exhaust time. When heating and exhaust, the exhaust temperature of 3000g tank is 85~90, 17min, and the exhaust temperature of the 284g tank is 85~90, 7min. If the vacuum exhaust is sealed, the vacuum degree is 3432 ~ 3922Pa.

(8) sterilization and cooling: the cans after the exhaust seal should be sterilized immediately. According to the different canned specifications, the sterilization process is different. The net weight is 198g, 284g, 425g and 184g. The sterilization formula is: l '-17' -20 '/ 121 C; net weight is 850 grams, and the sterilization is 15' -27 '-30' / 121 C; net weight 3062g, 2840g, and the pot of canister, the sterilization formula is 15 '/' / '121'. The sterilization was completed and the reverse pressure was cooled.

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