what can you do with asparagus

- Feb 24, 2018 -

During the Spring Festival, relatives visit or banquet intensive, lavish meals, eat all kinds of seafood are greasy, a dish of green asparagus will definitely become a leader on the table. Green asparagus is brightly colored, rich in vitamins and cellulose, and can be greasy and defecate.

Fat reduction and weight loss asparagus have the characteristics of low sugar, low fat and high cellulose. There are also rich trace elements, although the protein content is not high, but the proportion of amino acid composition is appropriate, diet to reduce fat to promote the role of reducing weight.

Asparagine containing the effective prevention and treatment of disease of asparagus has many special physiological effects on the human body, the hydrolysis of aspartic acid, can improve metabolism, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength, and high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, edema, nephritis, arthritis have a certain role in the prevention and treatment. In addition, manganese in asparagus can improve fat metabolism and reduce cholesterol. Chromium can prevent atherosclerosis, and molybdenum can block the synthesis of nitrite harmful to human body.

Asparagus in A Can with Green Asparagus Spears

Lipid-lowering experiments showed that high fat diet was used to feed Kunming mice to cause hyperlipidemia. At the same time, quantitative canned products of asparagus were added to observe the effect of asparagus on animal experimental hyperlipidemia. The results show that asparagus can inhibit the rise of blood lipid and liver fat, and have some therapeutic effect on hyperlipidemia animals.

Effective anticancer asparagus can be effective for various types of cancer. This is mainly due to its rich histones, which enable cells to grow normally and prevent cancer cells from spreading. Selenium can eliminate all kinds of harmful free radicals produced in vivo and inhibit the activity of carcinogens. L-asparaginase has been recognized with the function of prevention and treatment of cancer and leukemia.

Eating taboo, asparagus is good, but it is not suitable for raw food, and it should not be stored for more than 1 weeks. Because after a week of storage, folic acid in asparagus has been largely lost, and it should be kept at low temperature.

The side effect of bamboo shoots is that asparagus contains a small amount of purine. After gouty consumption, it will cause uric acid to rise and form uric acid crystals, causing gout attack. Therefore, patients with gout should not eat asparagus.

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