Tuna has low calorie but high nutrition

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Tuna is the world famous marine rare fish, because of its strong ability activity, and only live in the depths  sea, so the meat tender and delicious, and is not affected by environmental pollution,  is the rare delicacy green and healthy. 


The merit of tuna:

Tuna has a lower calories , but  there are good protein and other nutrients, so eating tuna can not only maintain a slim figure, but also balance the nutritional needs of the body.

The EPA and DHA (two unsaturated fatty acids) in tuna are the highest in all aquatic products. These unsaturated fatty acids help to reduce blood lipids and dredge blood vessels, so as to prevent arteriosclerosis effectively.

Tuna rich in EPA, DHA, taurine and other ingredients, can reduce blood fat, conducive to liver cell regeneration, improve liver excretion function, thereby reducing the incidence of liver. These components also reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood, increase the benign cholesterol, thereby preventing the disease caused by cholesterol content.

Tuna is rich in DHA, DHA,a kind of unsaturated fatty acid which can not be produced by human beings. People  should often eat  Tuna ,it can be beneficial to the regeneration of brain cells, memory and prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

Dietary tips:

 Because tuna fishing, freezing, ice transport and other links need to have very high professional conditions, therefore, must be purchased from reputable manufacturers or supermarkets. at the same time,canned Tuna is also a good choice

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