Litchi is rich in nutrients

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) has no children, the litchi is evergreen tree, about 10 meters high. Pericarp scaly protruding spot, red, purple. Mature to a bright red; the seeds are wrapped in fleshy aril. The flowering period is spring, and the fruit period is summer. The pulp yield of fresh translucent creamy, taste delicious, but not resistant to storage.

In the south-west, southern and southeastern parts of China, Guangdong and southern Fujian are the most prosperous. The southeastern Asia is also cultivated, and the records of introduction in Africa, the Americas and Oceania. Litchi, with bananas, pineapple and longan, is called "the four big fruit of South China".

Lychee sweet, sour, warm, into the heart, spleen, liver meridian; stop hiccups, stop diarrhea, is intractable hiccup and predawn diarrhea's diet Jiapin, also have brain fitness, appetizer spleen, promote appetite effect. Because of the heat of sex, more food is easy to fire. Litchi wood is solid, elegant texture, corrosion resistance, has always been the top class.

Qiao Mugao is not more than 10 meters sometimes up to 15 m or more bark dark gray branchlets terete reddish brown densely white lenticels.

where can i find lychee fruit

Leaf stalk length 10-25 cm or even over 3 to 4 leaflets 2 or less of thinly leathery or leathery lanceolate or ovate lanceolate or long elliptic lanceolate is 6-15 cm long and 2-4 cm wide apex cuspidate or short acuminate, margin entire ventral caudate dark green glossy abaxially green powder lateral veins often slender in ventral not obviously, on the back of obvious or slightly raised petiolule length 7-8 mm.

Nutrient content

Litchi is rich in nutrients, including glucose, sucrose, protein, fat, vitamin A, B and C, and contains various nutrients such as folic acid, arginine and tryptophan, which are very good for human health. Litchi has Invigorating Spleen Qi analgesic fluid for frail body fluid deficiency stomach pain after hernia pain. Modern studies have found that litchi has the role of nourishing brain cells to improve insomnia, forgetfulness, dream and other diseases, and can promote the metabolism of skin to delay aging. However, litchi and litchi can be eaten by excessive consumption of litchi or some special physique.

Edible method

Drink saltwater, herbal tea or green bean soup properly before and after eating the litchi, or dip the fresh litchi into the light salt water and put it into the ice box and put it on ice. This can not only prevent but also has the effect of Xiaozhi xingpi. In addition, the lychee shell can be used to drink water and drink lychee heat. Adults usually eat litchi every day not more than 300 grams of children at once not more than 5. Don't eat litchi on an empty stomach. It's best to eat it half an hour after meals. People who eat lychee and cause hypoglycemia should be given hospital for treatment in time.

Taboo of food

1.One should not be eaten on an empty stomach

2.He should not be eating a lot of Litchi

3. diabetic patients not to eat

4.Try not to eat the blisters of litchi.

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