how to can pears with sugar

- May 02, 2018 -

How to make a pear in syrup?

Pear, rock sugar, stainless steel pan.


After washing the pears, cut them into thin pieces.


Don't forget to dig up the seeds between the pears and the pears. Otherwise, it will be bitter to boil the pear water.


Put the pear slices in the pot and pour in some water according to the number of pears, preferably boiled water.


Then put the lid on and start boiling the pear water.


When the water is boiling, put in the rock sugar, and put in the right amount of rock sugar according to the amount of water. Too much will be too sweet, too little taste. After you put the sugar, mix it up for a while to make sure the sugar is dissolved.


The pear is boiled open to the rock candy, turn the induction cooker into a small fire, then slowly boil 10--15 minutes, wait for pear water color some deep, can turn off the fire. Cover the pear water and let it cool for a while.

The water of sugar pear is sweet and sour, and it is not toxic. It has the effect of relieving thirst, nourishing the spleen and relieving diarrhea, and relieving the stomach. It has a good effect on the organs and lungs.

People who ate more pears were far less likely than those who did not eat or ate pears. So there are scientists and doctors who call pears "omnibearing healthy fruit" or "general practitioner". Now the air pollution is more serious, eating more pears can improve the respiratory system and lung function, and protect the lungs from the dust and smoke in the air.

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1. Materials;

2. The dry tremella will be blistered in advance, and will be torn into small pieces.

Various kinds of frozen pear water (20 sheets)


3. Wash the snow pear, cut into large chunks, do not need to peel, the skin is very nutritious;

4. Put the pear slices, rock sugar, wolfberry, and silver fungus into the pot;

5. Add about 2L water to boil;

6. Simmer for 40 minutes or so, and drink mainly water.

Do pear pear water it is best to use snow pear, because snow pear has high medicinal value, have nourish the lung, and then, a cough, but with the wind, from ingesting detoxification efficacy, such as traditional Chinese medicine "cream" is to use snow pear with Chinese herbal medicine stewing.

When you boil the pear water, you don't need to go to the pear skin, because the skin is rich in nutrition, and it won't have the astringency.

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